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Cleaning And Reclamation

Disinfestation Terni For:  Company expert in  reclamation and cleaning  after a fire in Terni with rehabilitation  and  sanitization  of the environments, from soot  and  dioxins. 100%  Restoration Our company  uses innovative methods. Cleaning and Sanitation,  Disinfection, Remediation:  in these times of  Coronavirus  it is commonly led to define the terms in a confused way and to Clean is a preliminary operation and is perfected and it is essential for the purposes of the subsequent phases of  sanitation and disinfection.


Urgent sanitization: it  is an intervention aimed at eliminating any bacteria and contaminating agents at the base than with common  cleaning.  Cleaning  is obtained by manual or mechanical removal of dirt also -  possibly - with water and / or detergents (cleansing).


Reclamation and Sanitation : it  is a  cleaning and disinfection procedure  aimed at depriving an environment, an equipment, a system, of any trace of material previously contained or treated within it. Sanitation: it  is an intervention aimed at  eliminating any bacteria  and contaminating agents that cannot be removed with common  cleaning  . Sanitation, disinfection, remediation: are they the same thing? Let's be clear 



The system used guarantees complete disinfection from biological agents and allows you to immediately return to the premises affected by the intervention, without leaving residues and without risks for those who use them. EDAM  uses products  registered with the Ministry of Health, which have been designed for the disinfection of operating room machinery, which guarantees their safe use in private and public environments, production departments and HACCP certified environments  DISINFECTION:  It includes the complex of operations aimed at the destruction or inactivation of the pathogens present. It is the activity   which completes the decontamination, and is carried out with specific and certified procedures and products that ensure the reduction of the microbiological load of the environments.

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